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Photographic Memory Development - Learn how to develop a photographic memory  

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So you want to develop a photographic memory? Well this is certainly not something that happens overnight, but in line with practice, it is very possible! However, before you learn how to run you must learn how to walk first. In other words, in this article I'll learn a few tricks that helped me improve my memory, and were an important element in eventually developing a photographic memory.

It is a fact that the average person uses only twoPercent of their total brain power, a person with a photographic memory consumes up to 98%. Obviously there is a big difference. So the best way is to learn how to develop a photographic memory, is the way we absorb information and to change the commencement of the use of the various parts of the brain.

The quickest way for the brain to absorb information is through visualization. Through the creation of an idea in your head, the next time you want to do is remind you of something, select a brandanother part of the brain, which is used not just by reading or hearing something.

Most seem to us to remember it well, if we have a visual aid, rather than absorbing information on a piece of paper or tell someone about it to us.

Therefore, to increase our memory retention, we must do something to everything we do learn to visualize.

If there is something to remember, ask yourself,

- Can I convert this information into a kind ofthe table or graphic?
- Can I pull it out?
- Can I get a mental video help me remember this?

Since you've tested it, a time when technology, designed to help you, finally, a photographic memory is.

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How to develop a photographic memory


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