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Vendetta: Luckys Revenge Review

This fourth installment to the insanely juicy Lucky Santangelo series is probably my favorite of all.
In Vendetta, Lucky winds up in the most precarious circumstance she's ever come across when her treasured Panther Studios is stolen right up under her by Donna Landsmen ... the corrupt and evil widow of Lucky's old nemesis, Santino Bonnatti.
Although Donna knows what a lying filthy snake she had in her husband, she still has not forgotten the fact that Lucky took away his life and left her children fatherless... So she has every intention demolishing Lucky in everyway imaginable. What Donna doesn't know, is that Lucky is commanding, street-smart and just as hazardous .... maybe even more so. In the end we'll see who has to fear who.

Vendetta: Luckys Revenge Feature

  • ISBN13: 9780061012358
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Vendetta: Luckys Revenge Overview

Lucky Santangelo is back -- with a vengance!

Dangerously sensual, breathtakingly beautiful, and utterly unforgettable, she is Lucky Santangelo, the sizzling star of Chances, Lucky, and Lady Boss. With Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge, Jackie Collins continues the saga of Lucky Santangelo in a nonstop, action-packed tale of sex, betrayal, drugs, intrigue, and murder.

A scorching new installment of the wildly popular Lucky series, Vendetta finds Lucky in the most perilous situation of her life when her prized Panther Studios is taken from her by Donna Landsman, the unscrupulous widow of Lucky's arch-enemy, Santino Bonnatti. Donna intends to destroy Lucky in every way she can, but Lucky is street-smart, powerful, and just as ruthlessly dangerous. And so the battle for control begins.

With Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge, Jackie Collins proves once again why she is an international powerhouse, a writer who digs deep into the glamorous, intoxicating -- yet ultimately treacherous -- world of Hollywood.

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Customer Reviews

Sure it's trash but well-written trash! - Wayne M. Malin - Malden MA
The further adventures of Lucky Santangelo Golden--a powerful and beautiful woman. There are too many plots to explain here but they're all fun and full of colorful characters. Don't worry if you haven't read the previous books--Collins fills you in quickly on who the characters are. Also this book is full of strong female characters who don't need a man to survive and get revenge if a guy crosses them. Even at over 600 pages this book reads quickly and is very entertaining and well-written. Recommended.

Definetely there's nothing like a good revenge! - Vanessa Garcia - Maracaibo, Zulia Venezuela
I knew Jackie Collins' series to be extrodinaire, but reading Vendetta just put eveything in perspective, she definetely knows how to put you on the edge of your seat, you can't put the book down! It's just great

This Book is Great - Desiree L. Hale -
I love all of Jackie Collins books. This one I liked all the excitement iti made you feel like you were right there with the characters love keep on writing Jackie

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