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The difference between identical twins and fraternal twins  

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One of the nice things about a family in Spain is that Spanish people in general are very family oriented. It is usual, the grandparents, parents and children all live under the same roof to be found. What's more, they absolutely love children, it is impossible to pushing a stroller down the street without a break every two meters, while the next person COO and drip all over your child. Well, given that most Spanish people dark skin, dark eyes are dark brown and haveHair, if your child has just happened, pale with bright blue eyes and wavy blond hair and skinned it makes twice as bad. If they just have twins, then it may take two hours, local parks just about the past. Often when we go to the mall I'll send my wife in front to buy the groceries, while I have the hordes of people who try a b-line straight for the double stroller, making navigating to, in front of you so you can not move anywhere in conversation.

TheConversation usually says: "Oh look, there are two of them, they are not gorgeous, you are so lucky, they are identical, as you say the difference?" At this point would, rather than deny that they are not identical, they are like brothers to take over the rule for half an hour of explanations, I say only: "We called Rebecca and Laura, so we keep Rebecca on the right side and Laura on the left, the way we do not get confused! "

We have never had a problem, tell them apart ifthey were first born, they were quite similar, but I think all the children look like if they are first born. As they grow, they have developed completely different characters and features.

So, what is the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins?

As I understand it, are identical twins occur when a single fertilized egg cell divides by a freak of nature into two embryos that develop within the same bag. They share the same cellular and genetic make-up and Ieven believe that their DNA is identical. I have heard from some that twins tattooed, so that they can not not be mixed up!

Fraternal twins, on the other side are two separate eggs are fertilized and implant in the uterus at the same time. This may be because the mother, of course, more than one egg when she implanted her ovulate infrequently or not at this time, two or more eggs were fertilized in the uterus produced by IVF treatment. They have their own unique cellular and geneticdevelop in separate bags, and each child has its own DNA. In reality, they are not twins at all, they are brothers and sisters that are born instead of a couple of years apart as normal, they are born on the same day. We have not a word in English for so we call them twins. The Spanish call identical twins and fraternal twins Gemelos Mellizos so there is no confusion. A good example of fraternal twins is George Bush's daughters, difficult some photos that she evenSisters.

I have often said how lucky we are twins (usually of people) are not twins, because "you only to cut through all phases of diapers and sleepless nights even have to go." I'm not so sure about that one, but we'll look at it in another chapter ....


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