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How to Determine the Perfect Feng Shui starting number  

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The Chinese have an obsession with numbers. They believe in auspicious numbers and if they purchase a new car, they try to get a more favorable starting number of Feng Shui. The significance of lucky numbers is not limited to license plates, the Chinese, even after favorable numbers in almost everything in daily life.

Auspicious numbers are for the determination of marriage and is used to determine the compatibility of couples. It is also used in the birth term.Some couples try to "time are meant" the day their children are born in the hope of the child in a happy time.

It is important, what numbers are lucky and what numbers are considered bad luck to understand. This is especially true when giving gifts. Some superstitious Chinese are easily offended by gifts that can carry a "bad luck" sign.

The Chinese place heavy emphasis on a good Feng Shui bib. This is because they want their vehicle to be "lucky" andsafe on the road. The emphasis on the license plate is so difficult that some Chinese believe that cars that have been in an accident must now lucky numbers due to karma, as a misfortune happened to a vehicle of this number, the same number now needs through some good happiness.

The process of determining a good feng shui number, or any number for that matter, can be long and tortuous. Feng shui geomancers use an elaborate system of checks and balances "in the attempt to balanceKarma and luck to reach the optimum numbers. Some figures, for some maybe for other lucky unlucky. Therefore, there is no definitive guide or set of numbers, which are generally lucky for everyone.

The only exception to this rule is the number 8 In the Cantonese pronunciation of 8 sounds like the Cantonese equivalent of wealth. Therefore, a series of numbers that end with 8 was generally considered lucky. 8 appears more often, the more luck, theFigures.

For the Chinese, the number 4 is the Western equivalent of 13 years. The Chinese consider the number 4 to be, because their pronunciation of luck. The number 4, if either Cantonese or Mandarin is spoken, is a dead ringer for "death". Therefore, a series of numbers that end with 4 or more occurrences of 4 was considered unlucky. The number 4, in its essence, is the personification of death.

These figures are important to the Chinese. To avoid a faux pas, itis imperative that the Chinese are all elements that prevent 4 in the crowd. On the other hand, it is giving a very polite and nice to the Chinese products in quantities of 8.

The above examples are microcosms of the different systems to determine the Chinese lucky numbers. If you want to specify an individual one from numbers that were designed for your machine, you will have to deal deeper into the realm of Feng Shui to geomancy. Consulting is a Feng Shui Geomancera sure way to determine the best Feng Shui car number for you.


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