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How does the Florida Lottery Millionaire Raffle work?  

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UK players now get a second chance to win EuroMillions. A new on Friday 13 November 2009 began to pull called millionaire raffle. This is created each week before the actual draw euro millions. Each prize is 1 million, and is guaranteed to be won by someone every week.

Who Can Play?

Only players who buy tickets in the United Kingdom are included in the draw.

How Do You Play?

Only buy your EuroMillions ticket as normal. But each ticketnow automatically also an additional draw a unique number that only a ticket.

What Does A Millionaire Raffle number look like?

Raffle numbers are 9 digits long and consists of three letters, then six numbers, as these ABC123456.

Can I Pick My Own numbers?

Unfortunately, no. Each number is created when printing EuroMillions lottery ticket. But it does not matter anyway because a number is selected at randomonly the means (ie) a lottery, no lottery. The ticket won 1 million.

What are the odds?

The EuroMillions rates have not changed. But your chances of winning the Millionaire Raffle, how many people in the UK from the purchase of a Euro Millions ticket. This is from week to week.

Generally about 6 million cards are sold in the United Kingdom each week. So your chances tend to be around 1-in-6 million. However, special moves and rollover draws sellmore cards, so the odds are even worse for that week.

Where's the catch?

Now the catch, if you live in the UK you now have to GBP 2 million euros to pay for a ticket! (Tickets are used to 1.50). So you're actually paying 50p play millionaire raffle. Unfortunately, it is not optional, but it is not terrible value for money, either the price and the typical opportunities.

Can I Play If I Do not Live In The UK Do?

OnlyEuroMillions ticket bought in the United Kingdom will contain the raffle number.

If you do not want to play, but do not live in the UK, you can a UK-based Euro Millions Syndicate join (buy their tickets if they are in Britain, all the Millionaire Raffle tickets include entry).


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