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Psychic Bingo Bird  

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I have a small peach face Lovebird named Bingo. (Of course her name is BINGO ... What would a woman who was the game of bingo on behalf of their bird addicted?)

Anyway, I had purchased bingo for kids set for the daughter of my friend's birthday. (A future Bingo Babe in training!)

The set comes with small plastic chips with a bingo number on each, the pull of the callers would be a small pocket print. When we play the establishment game, we dumped all the partsout onto the table.

My pet bird Bingo, who was sitting on my shoulder at the time, was fascinated by all the brightly colored chips. She hopped down onto the table and after carefully examining each chip, she began picking them up one at a time and putting them in a pile on the other side of the table. With each trip she would pick up one or two chips and drop them back down on the table before making her final decision on which one she would bring back to her pile.

As I watched it occurred to me that this little parakeet careful consideration both to sit down picking. I have hours, agonizing over the numbers that I would be for my use "U-Pick-ums" or bingo halls they call "Circle 7's". It is a game where the player takes seven numbers and circle them on a special sheet. The player wins if all of the seven points were selected, the player called.

Then the idea came to me!

I pulled all the chips back into a heap, and this time eachBingo time took a chip, I wrote the number down until she had picked out of 7 numbers.

That night at Bingo, I had the "U-Pick-Um" Jackpot! This allows you to highlight know who is my seven lucky numbers from now? My little friend, the psychic Rose heads Bingo!


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