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Chinese Moon Festival Background  

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The Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th Day of the 8th Lunar month, it will be on the lunar calendar and is the first full moon in September, as a rule. In 2008 it falls on 14 September. It is in the middle of autumn, and is a harvest festival. With traditional wheat and rice is harvested in the north to the south of China. It is the Chinese equivalent of Thanksgiving. In rural China, the Moon Festival celebrated a bountiful harvest, as the firstThanksgiving was the Pilgrims.

Legend Of The Moon Festival

Lady Chang He
The legend of Lady Chang Er, the daughter of the River God dates back to around 2170 BC. Her husband shoots, Hou Yi down the 9 extra suns that were threatening the earth, and as a reward, he was an elixir of life through the Yellow Emperor. Unfortunately, he was a tyrant, and Lady Chang He did her people, drank the potion into a story, another is there a pilland another magical peach. Another version is her desire to steal immortal be, and the pill, the elixir of life. After the meal, she floats to the moon and spit the pill, which created the Jade Rabbit, also known as the white rabbit and hare moon. The Jade Rabbit has tried since then to make the immortal part. Hou Yi was the god of the sun, and may once a month on the full moon to visit his wife, and says that day legend, the moon shines brightestbecause of their love. The Moon Festival was also a traditional time for family reading, Moon and poetry. Many people who see the moon a rabbit on the moon.

Tang Emperor Xuan Zong
Another legend is the Tang Emperor Xuan Zong had the help of a Taoist priest, threw up his stick, which creates a bridge to the moon. The Emperor followed the priest, the bridge and entered the moon palace, where he launched the Jade Rabbit tries to make theElixir of Life. The Emperor saw the moon dancing girls and music and sing a song on his return and dance piece "Rainbow Feather petticoats and dresses was.

Wu Gang, on the moon Loggers
Another legend is of Wu Gang, the Moon is a lumberjack. He always tries to cut back on the moon tree of immortality, which is simply magical heals after each cut of his. He was so selfish by the Jade Emperor seeking the elixir of the convictedImmortality.

Traditional foods eaten during the Moon Festival
Taro, Pomelo (Chinese grapefruit) and snails. The taro, Chinese soldiers as they escaped starvation, pomelo, because the sweet fruit is believed to discourage evil and it has a round shape. Snails as a reminder of the riches of the earth. Dishes served should be 5, 7 or 9, because they are happy Yang numbers.

Moon Cakes
Moon Cakes symbolize both longevity and goodHealth. They are printed with the moon goddess, a grove, Jade Rabbit, or a toad. The centers can red bean paste (sweat), lotus-seed paste containing, melon, dried fruits, coconut, pineapple, and often have an egg inside. In the 14th Century saw the news desk Moon Cakes for secret communications against a rebellion against the ruling Mongols (Yuan Dynasty of Kublai Khan included) that they be replaced with the Ming dynasty. Moon Cakes are with the creditVictory.

Moon Cake Symbolizes

* The egg symbolizes the moon.

* Moon Cakes are round like the moon.

* The circle (shape of the Moon Cake) is a symbol of harmony.

* The round shape also stands for the unity of the family

* The round shape symbolizes the circle of life

* Combines the past, present and future

* Long life and good health

We celebrate the Moon Festival
There are lots of Moon festivals and concerts in the U.S.and Canada that people go to. Moon Cakes are sold by Chinese Bakeries and given as gifts by business for consumption on the day of the Moon Festival. Moon Poetry is also read under the full moon. Children used to buy different kinds of clay toys.

Future Dates:

* October 3, 2009

* September 22, 2009

* September 22, 2010

* September 12, 2011

* September 30, 2012

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