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Attracting Love - Why Can't I Find My Soulmate?  

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The answer may surprise you.

The disappointment I hear the voices of the women who is lonely and looking for romance in her life haunting.

"Why I'm going to win the jerks and losers?" "All men are married in my age group or content with being single." "What if I never succeed, the love of my life?"


There is a hidden key to find the man of your dreams and believe it or not, has nothing to do with your past lovers or the emotionallydistant relationship you may have with your father. The key to finding a man who loves you and will recover fully from the injuries of the women in the past.

What do you say? How can my friendships with women have nothing to do with the search for my soul mate? Let me tell you a story.

When Janna went to college, she felt really lucky. She had not fit in with the cool kids at school and was a loner. College was different though. She met people who could relate to them andbegan to make friends. Naïve and open, she began to trust and let these girls be aware of deeper and deeper. It was fun to come home to the dorm and always find someone to, no matter how late it was, the shares on dates, boys and boys. That was really great friendship blossomed and Janna times.

Then, out of the blue Janna met a man for himself. It was a moment to destroy. Each cell in her body vibrated when she thought of him. Body, mind and soul all completely captured bythese wonderful people. She fell hard and fortunately for her, so he did. Janna and Dan began to cooperate with them as often as she could. She is not real, they have just hung. It was comfortable and fun and felt quite right. What happened with her friends, she totally unprepared. Janna roommate, Kate, went through a messy divorce from her long term boyfriend at the time. Somehow she saw Janna time spent with Dan as the task of Kate.

As theirKeeping more and more clear, Janna was a difficult choice. Your friends or ..... her soul mate. Of course, she chose Dan. He was her world. What was it for a while. The chemistry was strong and stable. They have each other. It was so easy to be together, and they could not get enough of each other. It was quite natural for them to spend more time together. And they did.

The price was high though. In the not fully informed decision of a youthful audience, Jannawas cut from the group. At the time there was no telling. The pain and the disappointment was completely hidden by the overwhelming chemistry between Janna and Dan. The loss of friendship, support for the smiles, the participation of the fun girlfriendness was never addressed.

When Janna and Dan broke up after a passionate, complicated and significant length of time, Janna was left not only without her soulmate and her girlfriends, she had also taken a big hit in the fieldstrust. Finally she picked up the girl and her soul mate and these opportunities have been filled with drama and trauma. Ignorance of the unexpressed disappointment still deep in her memory, Janna never trusted women again. Holding her heart closed from other girls, she was comforted knowing she could not be hurt again like that.

Fast forward ten or twenty years or so. Janna now has many friends over the years but few that have a lasting contribution themselves. She is lonely and truthsaid, desperate to meet a man with too. She wants what she had with Dan. She wants to feel the excitement again. They want it is quiet and intense. "Where is he?" She cries into her pillow at night. "Why can not I meet him?"

Freeze Frame:

The betrayal of women, by women, is the single most damaging emotional wounds. Even to maintain protective attitudes and behaviors women at arm's length apart.

Ask yourself how many women I can fully trust? Unless youquite different than most, come with a very small number. What in the world to do everything with your invisible soulmate? Everything.

If you are in a romantic relationship with an unconscious (which by their nature naïve and open, bless his heart) fulfill desire of both a friend and a friend roles, the result is disastrous always drawn. Whether it ends sooner or later, the results are the same. The relationship is one-sided and without help, prettyconvicted.

Not many people will be attracted (in the invisible but oh so real world of energetic signals.) The signal you with this. Men run every time of need. You can not be everything, and you do not want a man who thought he could. Trust me.

She read it with her husband radar. Ugh, you say, I do not want to shine! Are you starting to do things differently? How serious are you about finding your soul mate?

Take an inventory and see howmany of your past female friendships ended badly. Check to see with their hearts, if past betrayal still hurts. They hold themselves back in the search for your soulmate, because the pain of a broken heart seems worse than being alone? Learning to open your heart again against women It is the fastest way to receive the man, the universe has been trying to get you placed.

Before you say that you ask no problems with the Mean Girls, get the question: Why am Istill single?


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