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Obama Memorabilia Sales Going Strong Still and Having Effect on Other President's Memorabilia  

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The historic election and inauguration of Barack Obama has many different aspects of American life and one of them, the collectibles industry has been affected. The sale of products have risen Obama and month after month and reached during the election and inauguration.

If you happen to have been lucky to attend the inauguration in Washington DC as I know from first hand, is one of the things that will be remembered for sale have seen the endless number of street vendorseverything one can imagine only in reference to Obama. I saw dozens of different types of T-shirts, sweat shirts, caps, posters looked, buttons, magazines, newspapers, drawings, paintings, carpets, dishes, shoes, pants, etc. ..

A few days after the inauguration I went a few streets and saw many shops with leftover items and I wondered what was going to happen to them. But she could not stop selling them, as must have been. I decided to call after the inaugurationand see how sales were made.

Yes, sales are slowing for Obama memorabilia, but surprisingly they have not so much slower than you thought. People are still my hat, T-shirts, posters, etc. .. The prices were very significantly reduced in some places, so much has to do with the further distribution. People are always on the lookout for the sale and I am sure that some waited until after the inauguration only at a better price to achieve.

An interesting consequence of the interest inObama memorabilia has been increased interest recently from other collectibles president. Collectibles of President Kennedy, Clinton and Reagan saw mainly an upswing in sales. Even President Nixon memorabilia, there are signs of renewed interest.

If one memorabilia items you tough enough for the President for the 19th Century, as Abraham Lincoln and John Adams will find. I was even able to a piece of George Washington's hair found on the auction on eBayrecently.

President Obama has his work before him in relation to the economy, but at least he seems to have a positive effect on a small niche, had Presidential memorabilia!


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