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How To Power-up your skills by working with Your Life Path  

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In this lesson we will work with the Life Path. We would like to think of the life as a "seed", which is planted on the day of birth. Your accumulated wisdom lies in him. Perhaps you could call this your "heritage". It's like a record that you can rely on tapping into your innate talents and abilities. As you know from this part of our nature, life appears to simplify. If more parents understood their children's life path, it would be much easier to give direction andhelping to build trust.

Numerology Some systems call this part of your natural birth, or birth Force Path. No matter what you call it, its meaning remains the same. It is what you will always have on hand. Your Life Path is one of your biggest asset. You can always count on this part of your nature to be there for you.

The Life Path and Expression are working hand in hand. Dr. Juno Jordan, one of our most popular numerologist, used an analogy from the business community to the life path Contrast(or date of birth Force) and expression (or Destiny) numbers. She said: "The birth Force represents the stock and the fate of the economy will be created." We would like this analogy, because it can help you understand how important your Life Path.

When we revealed our nature and use our tools, we can and will progress to realize our goal. In addition, we often find that the Life Path qualities often appear as opportunities, challenges and lessons. We learn how toencompass the qualities of the life path in a balanced manner.

Made aware that all vibrations can be "balanced" expressed "under-balanced" and "more than compensated. If the person is in the above example 1 is expressed in a balanced way, they will use their leadership and pioneering spirit. Some other qualities that can be active, have the ability to generate creative thinking, inventive ideas, determination and a sense of humor, inspiration and clear thinking.

Well, if there are otherFactors within the nucleus, which are contrary to the 1 vibration, we can 1 is located in a balanced expression can be found under or over-balanced condition. If this person has access to the conflict in her native tools that they can not trust to show signs of uncertainty, seem to others, or (under-balanced) passive dependent. If they feel threatened or have had difficulty channeling that vibration, then they could be imperious, capricious, or dominated () more than compensated.

It isalways a reason why conflicting figures in the life of a person present. It is probably strengthen or develop the person in any way.

Try the intention behind the creation of a conflict may be found in a combination of numbers. Ask yourself what positive achievement could come from this combination? "This way, you will be a useful track!

To calculate your Life Path, you can calculate the numerical value of the month, day and year in which you were born. Each month istranslated into numerical equivalent:

• January = 1

• February = 2

• March = 3

• April = 4

• May = 5

• June = 6

• July = 7

• August = 8

• September = 9

• October = 10 - (1 +0 = 1)

• November = 11 - (1 +1 = 2)

• December = 12 - (1 +2 = 3)

If you were born in April, your month would be calculated as follows - 4

If your date of birth was 25 Day wouldbe calculated as 2 +5 = 7

The year will be added in this way: 1965 ((1 + 9 +6 +5 = 21) 2 +1 = 3)

Someone born on the 25th April 1965 would be calculated as 4 + 7 + 3 = 14 (1 +4 = 5)

The Life Path is 5 Results Now the next step, the numerological study of the Life Path of the request is 5 for the significance and direction of the "5" trendline.

For more information on numerology, please read my other article, or visit the website mynumbersclub.


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