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Dealing with unlucky  

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One way a relationship of any kind is to determine one's own life path number. This traditionally unlucky numbers were 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and possibly 3 a.m. to 5 p.m., depending on the circumstances. Here is a look into the depths of what is to be respected if a person's Life Path numbers add up to a certain value.

Pitch 3's

A 3 is lucky for you get into the economy, with everything, if you are a manager, promoter orTalent Agent. However, a 3 in the office or in a business situation can be a different story, as they are the first, credit, praise or the spotlight, without necessarily meaning to steal.

If you are in a triangular love story and the other man or woman is a 3, you could use a little bit in a bad experience. 3 are so attractive they almost always get their man, if you are more 3rd

3's may think it is treacherous and difficult to calm down, because the requirements for aCareer. If you do not want to compete with the attention of many other people, as a relationship with a 3 is definitely not for you.

Pitch 4's

4 is the number of distress, disease, war and poverty. No matter how big they are almost always at the end "defeated" in any way from the top. Be very careful, participated in a 4 how bad their energy is often contagious. Often they are so busy struggling just to the basics of life, they receivedo not have the energy and time to respond in a personal relationship.

5's bad luck

5 is just unlucky in the sense that these people believe in the promotion of their own independence and freedom. This makes it difficult for them to settle down at a job because they get bored so quickly. Male 5 are not always good sellers.

A 5 can also cause very difficult and they are not good team players. They will always play the devil's advocate and quitestubbornly hold on to their will.

A 5 can also be quite difficult to have a relationship because it is a natural sense of distance from others is great, if they have a doctor, scientist, journalist or in any other career that requires that they do not take life personally are. But those 5 of love, as they often felt that not enough of one to one attention.

Pitch 6's

The danger is so involved with a 6, that there is always a kindof "compression" involved. 6's leave no room for individualism in their lives. They'll take you to your personal needs and goals for a kind of mission or drop a goal of the work. Often they believe so much in the principles that they leave reality.

It is always a 6, that a "Momma's Boy" is. Your family and most importantly, their parents often control the purse or in any way burdened the finances.

6 is also never look before they leap and they have troubleWithdrawal of their treadmill, once they have made a mistake. In general, the participation with a 6, which leads to support a "Shotgun Wedding" or a child application.

Unlucky 7s

To put it bluntly, are 7 is the weirdo in the numerology game. Often, a 7 is brilliant, but they generally suffered some kind of mental, emotional or mental disorder that prevents them from connecting properly with others. Before you rent a 7, you should check to make in its historyEnsure that you are someone who is setting stable.

As personal relationships are 7 is either sensitive or too sensitive to handle a relationship for a long time. It is usually a woman, ending the 7-obsessed over a man, just not in it for five years and a 7 man who would rather look at porn when the anger of a real relationship.

Pech 8s

This is a number that is happy in every way, except when it comes to beAble to give you enough time. They are so busy, team building and great for society that it can be difficult to get their attention. On the other hand, this may due to the fact that they are softened very generous with loved ones when it comes to money.

Pech 9s

9s are also walk a difficult karmic path and when you meet, you are probably part of the karma in a way. A 9 could also be painful karma for you. Relations with 9can be difficult, but there is almost always a learning experience, especially in a personal relationship. However, in a business they can be very visionary and help you to promote your business further, if they do not look too bogged down in the soul or the problems that often plague their personal lives.


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