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Lucky 13: Solitaire Games for  

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Lucky 13: Solitaire Games for Review

"Lucky 13" is well written, clearly illustrated and a must have for families! The introduction explains simply all the terms and basics of solitaire(some of which are a great brush up for the adult!). Although the book does get into advanced games and strategies, the first section, "Beginning Games" is awesome for any age. My 7 and 5 year olds picked up these games quickly. Order a copy for vacation or home!! A rainy day lifesaver!

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Lucky 13: Solitaire Games for Overview

All you really need for hours of fun is a pack of cards--if you know how to play solitaire. There's something for everyone in this excellent compendium, from classics like Klondike and Canfield, to fast-paced Hit or Miss and mind-bending Intrigue, to games like Double Your Fun that boost memory and counting skills. Whether basic, advanced, or two-pack games, the clear step-by-step directions and strategies combined with black-and-red card diagrams make them a snap to learn--and once you start, you're hooked! With over sixty-five games and variations (and one hundred funny pictures), here's an essential handbook for veteran cardsharks or beginning enthusiasts of all ages.

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