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Santa Claus Goes Green by Going Mobile and Eliminating Letters From Santa  

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Santa knows melt the fate of polar bears and ice caps, rear its world headquarters Smack Dab in the middle of the frozen tundra in the north. Santa's team of research elves were busy. Not making toys for good girls and boys, but to find ways for Santa in order to save the planet.

Then, one day after Santa furious with his mobile service provider and its smartphone across the room, it struck one of the elves! The phone is not one, but an idea! One idea thatwould that the largest cost reduction gear at the North Pole, while the best that the trees since the invention of plastic. The elves said Simpson, but the other elves call him for short text message, no pun intended.

Simpson's idea was to use mobile short message service (known in the U.S. SMS) to reach to children throughout the world are wasting so much instead of paper and natural resources, on letters from Santa. Each year, Santa will send personalized lettersMillions of happy children on the planet. Now, with SMS messages, letters from Santa would no longer be required. In addition, the eleven research guys with a surprising number came about 9 .2 million children in the United States alone, there were very own mobile phone to send or receive millions of SMS messages a day. At that moment, something magical happened. Letters from Santa was cliché and text messages from Santa was the Green Party, what to do.

Andas the elves began canceling orders for millions of tons of paper and placed an advertising agency in St. Louis to develop a Santa Mobile text messaging system that parents could go to and register children are not to receive personalized letters from Santa, but personalized text messages from Santa Claus.

The hardest part of teaching the elderly, such as text wears the white gloves. After a little frustrated, he just touched her nose and the text messages from Santa began to send. After allhe still has the magic touch.

Finally, change the world, how we live and do things that changed, and the manner in which even Santa communicates changed. Save the North Pole, Save the Polar Bear, save a few trees and save the planet through the planning of personalized text messages from Santa, instead of the old letters from Santa.


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