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10 Reasons to Make a Shaman  

Posted by watcharin yimram in ,

1. Shamans are the only class that have the ability to produce totems. The Shaman's totems are very useful in any situation, whether they are more spell damage, more armor, or require a restriction of movement, need to get from mobs. Totems are probably the number one Convincing a shaman.

2. Shamans have three unique specialization. Shaman can be a skilled healer, a melee and caster DPS. All three are very useful in groups and RAID situations. For example,Specialized restoration shamans have strong mana regen totem and a shield can on the tank that heals, if proc hit cast. The specialized melee shaman, you can write your other melee by moving to increase their Windfury Totem. Finally, the magician specialized Shaman DPS Caster DPS you can with a totem increases spell damage and spell critical strike rating increase.

3. Shamans are also one of the two classes, which form a trip. You get Ghost Wolf at level 20, whichmakes traveling and leveling at lower levels much easier and faster. With the talent, the cast time of Ghost Wolf can be immediately reduced, so that it stay the same Druid form.

4. Shamans are quite durable. Priests and druids are stuck with cloth and leather armor and can not use shields. That makes them extremely vulnerable to physical attacks, both in PvP or PvE. Shamans are in a position to both armor and a shield, so that they use almost as durable as paladins.

5. Shamanhave a broad arsenal of spells. From their totems, weapon enchants, to shock, shamans have the greatest opportunity, books in the game. You can use totem to increase the cure, Caster or melee DPS, they can pause for shock spells, slow movement speeds, or with a point, and various types of weapons they can use to enchant their weapons. This gives them flexibility for all aspects of the game.

6. Shaman can resurrect others and to incarnate. Shamans are one of the fewClasses in a position to revive and other incarnate the only class able to, but a Warlock's Soulstone. This is very useful because attacks on them a second life when they die or to save a route to a raid or a group of running back after a wipe too.

7. Shamans will get two opportunities to Hearth. They are the only class in the game to have this capability. Astral Recall is cool on 15 minutes and is the same function as a Hearth Stone. It also shares a separate cooldown from theHearthstone. This of course has its bonuses.

8. Shamans have the ability to give birth to a high degree of burst damage. With Heroism or Bloodlust and totems shamans can do a very large amount of damage over a short period of time, especially with lucky lucky Windfury procs and crit.

9th shamans are large, have to attacks. They increase the DPS for other players, they bring a decent amount of DPS yourself, they are an excellent program healers, and they havethe ability to resurrect and ankh. In addition, its unique capacity of Heroism or Bloodlust increases the speed, the roles spells and melee hits.

10. Shamans are great healers use on raids. With its unique ability to chain heal, they heal in a position to multiple destinations with one piece. They also bring a great mana regen totem and a sign on the tank space. All this makes an incredibly powerful utility shaman healer on raids.


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