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Lucky 13: Solitaire Games For Kids Review

"Lucky 13" is well written, clearly illustrated and a must have for families! The introduction explains simply all the terms and basics of solitaire(some of which are a great brush up for the adult!). Although the book does get into advanced games and strategies, the first section, "Beginning Games" is awesome for any age. My 7 and 5 year olds picked up these games quickly. Order a copy for vacation or home!! A rainy day lifesaver!

Lucky 13: Solitaire Games For Kids Overview

All you really need for hours of fun is a pack of cards--if you know how to play solitaire. There's something for everyone in this excellent compendium, from classics like Klondike and Canfield, to fast-paced Hit or Miss and mind-bending Intrigue, to games like Double Your Fun that boost memory and counting skills. Whether basic, advanced, or two-pack games, the clear step-by-step directions and strategies combined with black-and-red card diagrams make them a snap to learn--and once you start, you're hooked! With over sixty-five games and variations (and one hundred funny pictures), here's an essential handbook for veteran cardsharks or beginning enthusiasts of all ages.

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Customer Reviews

Lucky 13 - Claudia Kurzyna - Trumbull, Connecticut United States
This book was purchased for a "senior" who enjoyed the game but wanted more of a variation to her playing cards, and the print was large enough for her to follow, and she enjoys using the book to make the card game more challenging. Its a book that is not just for kids!

Great book - have fun and expand your child's mind! - - Austin, TX United States
I bought this book for my nephew, and he loved it. What a great way to not only have some fun, but also stretch your kid's mind. It is also good for keeping the kids busy on rainy days. This Micheal Street really understands how to explain games to children. Extremely well written.

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