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Love Astrology September 2009  

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The Virgo energy is at work now hard to recognize the useful from the non-benefit in love, so let's step carefully and look around.

Aries: This month is the time to ensure that you and your relationship on the same path of the targets. If you want marriage and not he or she remains, why, if your needs are not met? Talk openly and honestly about what you both want in the next 12 months. Lucky numbers 4, 10, 18, 20, 19, 6

TAURUS: Have you everthe true story of the baby monkey experiments, where they were alone in a cage, the other is raised with a blanket and still another with a steel replica of a mother and the last, and touched with her loving mother? You MUST be touched, and often even thrive in your relationship. Lucky Numbers 40, 10, 9, 31, 22, 16

GEMINI: Check out some online programs for Non-Violent Communication. Sarcasm, accountability and denial-of-judgment hurt your sex life. It ispossible for both to learn from you what you need, without demanding then ask. Verbal abuse is always unacceptable and there is room for change is now. Lucky numbers 4, 5, 18, 32, 9, 50

CANCER: Do you see a tendency for you or your partner to spend too much time at work and not enough time together. Of course everyone is a little alone time to think, but this month you can find a grudge bride needs feel neglected. Instead, cooking & Planningpresented together a good meal. Lucky Numbers 19, 23, 16, 11, 20

LEO: Appreciation is the key word of the month for you and your lover. All too often takes the other one of you knows how much they are loved. "Oh, I did not say. He / she knows how I feel." Do not take anything this month. Knowing smile of your lover, hard work, funny jokes, and appearance. Lucky Numbers 50, 60, 21, 33, 8, 11

VIRGO: Happy birthday and thank you for us to remind everybody that if something isdoes not work in our relationships do not giving up, but keep looking for a solution for both partners. You are an inspiration for our focus narrowing of the translation into concrete compatibility. Lucky Numbers 49, 57, 1, 22, 29, 30

LIBRA: You have a nice approach to the changes this month by saying in a way that is not alarming or condemn. You may both want to stop on your eating habits you are looking to eat foods that upset your stomachs. And smoking is a major issue of thisMonth. Check your health carefully. Lucky numbers 7, 11, 17, 31, 35, 50

Scorpio: You deny your feelings, your lover is not the solution to your problems. Yes, you feel abandoned in more ways than one lately, but in sleep mode, you will not get what you want. Instead say something like this, "I feel lonely when you continue to watch TV and not answer my question. Would you be willing to turn off the TV for five minutes so we can talk?" Lucky Numbers 12, 49, 50, 57,56, 9

Sagittarius: The more you two have a chance to get in Nature this month, the better your mood. This is a great time for you to take an outdoor adventure for a week and choose your partner, the following week. Swim? Camping? Boating? Harley driving? Go have fun. Lucky Numbers 2, 5, 18, 27, 30, 44

Capricorn: When was the last time you and your sweetie on dressed and went to play or a museum? Your personality, the cultural rub regularly. Becausethe good life is what you strive to make all this month to feed your sense of art, for art's sake. Lucky Numbers 57, 56, 40, 2, 19, 12

AQUARIUS: You may have meant well, but your crankiness in the way of your romantic mood. Outside of problems with work or with family interventions are in your ability to concentrate on the here and now. Only for this month, an extra note, where are your thoughts at random times of the day. Be here now. Lucky Numbers 27, 1, 55,54, 31, 11

FISH: Denial is not a river in Egypt, and now would be the time to do for your role in relationship problems that you both to accountability. Ask yourself if you were vague, not in a position, good boundaries, or put under the influence when the argument started. Your personal care to admit and fix now. Lucky Numbers 12, 16, 57, 28, 44, 3

To take a careful look all fixed and what not. There is a solution if you both are ready, and touse. Here's to your happy, loving relationship.


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