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Rabbit's Lucky Number  

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Rabbit's Lucky Number Review

Rabbit's Lucky number is a must read for all ages. Funny, intense, and heartfelt ups and downs are experienced throughout the book. Reading through these pages took me through many phases of my life. All parents should read this book; it will truly enlighten you AND ensure that you will be intune with your child. Growing up in NYC, I walked down the many streets of Brooklyn as the author described each location. Vivid shots of life's reality. Surely will touch your heart and soul. Enjoy! If you belong to a bookclub, BE SURE to invite the author.

Rabbit's Lucky Number Feature

Rabbit's Lucky Number Overview

Family sticks together. At least that's what Rabbit has been brought up to believe. So when her cousin "Hot Rod" Rodney Barrus - basketball superstar and family breadwinner - is charged with a serious crime, Rabbit is torn between protecting her cousin or breaking her silence and upsetting the lives of everyone she loves.

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